Is an honest trip to the inner world of the two characters on stage. Two intriguing beings who welcome us between the secrets in theirears, the faint sound of the ringing of a stone, the curious image of a swirl of wire thread and a universe of pipes.

As we enter these different universes, we see how the stones and the wire are coming to life, welcoming us into a world where rational logic is altered thanks to imagination, illusion and dreams.

In this show, any object can breathe and come to life. The stones bring us laughter, tell us stories, make us do stunts and dance, the boots become puppets that make us play to guess who we are and what we do, the aerial hoop becomes a great sun that will lead us to sing and look forlove, ending up finding it on the flight to the rhythm ofthe live music, driven crazy by the happiness of being at the service of the game and the audience.